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Super light weight polymer clay earrings with gold plated jump rings and titanium posts for sensitive ears.

All earrings are handmade, slight variations may occur.

Measurements: 1 1/4" w x 2.5" l

The Process

My intention is to find a beautiful way of repurposing unique slabs that originated from different techniques, while providing you with equally vibrant styles.

Citron Safari was created from the remains of the cow print, snake shedding slab, and citron creations from previous collections.

The original slab scraps are chopped into small pieces, then hand kneaded and molded into a compressed cane.  To create the slab from which the earring shapes are cut out from, the cane is sliced up. The sliced pieces are then organized into one large slab. A sheet of sandpaper is placed over the slab and gently pressed on with a roller pin to achieve the grainy overlay texture.

Once baked, each piece is sanded, hand drilled, linked, photographed and packaged by me. To learn more about the making of each product, please visit my instagram page: @virauful.