Wear & Care

Although Polymer Clay is a durable material, the wear and care of your Virauful accessories is essential for its durability and its long-lasting good appearance.  Along with your new Virauful accessories, I am delivering these reminders on how to take care of your pieces.

  • Avoid contact with water, makeup, lotion, and other chemicals.
    • It is recommended that you apply any makeup and hairspray before putting on your Virauful accessories.
    • It is recommended that you don’t shower or sleep with your Virauful accessories.
  • Avoid exposing or storing your Virauful Accessories in excessively high temperatures.
    • It is recommended that you store your Virauful accessories in a dry place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight or overheating.
  • Store your pieces in a safe place to avoid scratching or bending.
    • It is recommended that you don’t throw your accessories into your purse or amongst other accessories.
  • If make-up or residue gets on your pieces, simply use a soft damp cloth (make-up remover wipe) to gently clean the surface. If your piece contains brass components use lemon juice on a Q-tip to clean the brass and clear any tarnish that may occur.