Meet the Maker


Hi, I’m Elvira, and I love jewelry!
I was born in Aguascalientes, México, and I love mi México querido. 
I am the oldest of three siblings and very fortunate to have the best parents out there. We are all very close and my brother (Jan Jan) and my sister (Sissa) are truly my best friends. I am always bouncing off ideas off them and I just love them so much. I married my best friend and biggest supporter.  Together, we have laughed, traveled the world, gotten lost in new cities, and bought a home. 
I am a case manager by day, and I make polymer clay earrings by night. I started this new earring making journey thanks to COVID-19, crazy right?! I saw a YouTube video on “How to make clay earrings” and I was like "yes!! I want to try that,” (with no intention to sell, just as a hobby).  I went on Amazon and bought myself a sample kit with different colors, an acrylic roller and some tissue blades, just the bare minimum. I initially used perfume, Chapstick, and deodorant caps as cutters and made myself, mom, and sister, some earrings. I did that for 2 months or so, slowly learning about polymer clay, reading and watching videos, and I fell in love with it.  It is very therapeutic.  So, I bought more clay, some gold foil, and learned new and better ways of baking my pieces and securing posts. Blue Bottle Tree was a great resource for me and continues to be. I was a member of Maker's Insider's ClubHoneybee Clay Makers Hive, and 31 Chums. All of which have provided me with a resourceful network of wonderful makers around the globe. 
Fast forward a couple of months later, a lot of earrings later, and my husband and family being my cheerleaders… we are here! You are reading this on my website, for my new small business for Virauful earrings. It is still very surreal, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings. I really hope your pieces bring you a little joy, a little confidence, and a pep to your step, because they sure do that to me. It is beautiful how something as simple as an earring, color, or style you wear can bring about new energy and can accentuate your life and happiness. 
If you have gotten this far and are wondering how to pronounce Virauful… it is just like beautiful, the “u” is silent. It is a combination of “Vira," short for Elvira and what my family calls me, and “-uful.” So, if you say it fast enough you are saying Virauful (beautiful) earrings. Also, my husband calls me “beautiful” (it is weird when he calls me Elvira) and let me tell you, I melt every time.  I am all about self-love and self-empowerment, and I truly believe you need that first and foremost, but I will not lie to you, hearing someone you love calling you or telling you, you are beautiful, is amazing. No matter how many times I hear him say it to me I get the biggest smile and it makes me feel so happy and giddy inside, that I hope to share that feeling and happiness with you through my pieces.  
Feel free to reach out if you want to know more, and in case someone hasn’t told you today, YOU are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!