Virauful Anniversary Project

Celebrating Virauful’s Anniversary the best way possible…with you!

Since the launch of Virauful, I’ve seen so many of you confidently wearing your Virauful pieces and I continue to be exceedingly thankful for all of you who have supported Virauful’s growth in one way or another.  

In our first year, Virauful gained 770 instagram supporters (without the power of ads), we participated in 13 Pop-up markets all over Los Angeles, and together we were able to make our very first donation of $380 to a much needed organization in Los Angeles - Latino Equality Alliance (LEA).  

Virauful’s Anniversary Project will be focused on exhibiting the many faces of Virauful and the energy of those that power it. 

I am always determined to capture the best shots and if you are in the area (Northridge, California) on November 21st, I would love to hang out and photograph your beautiful self wearing your favorite Virauful earrings. With your permission, I would also love to share your photographs on Virauful’s website/promotional materials, but if you prefer that I not share, that is okay, too, I can just share them with you. 

If you and your mom have Virauful pieces, or you and your sister or BFF have a pair, bring them with you and we can have a mini photoshoot 😉.

If you are able to partake in Virauful's Anniversary Project, please reserve your free 15-minute photo session below. 

I hope to see you there! Have more questions? Feel free to reach out by hitting the "Get in Touch" link below.

xo, Elvira