Flying Dancers
Flying Dancers
Flying Dancers

Flying Dancers

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Super light weight polymer clay earrings with gold plated wire and gold filled minimalist hoops for sensitive ears.

All earrings are handmade, slight variations may occur.

Measurements: 2.0" w x 3 3/8" l

The Process

The citron color used on these pieces is a blend of yellow, green, a little white and a pinch of brown.  

The light fuchsia color is a blend of white and fuchsia. 

The cobalt blue color used on these pieces is a blend of three blue hues. 

Finally, the poppy red used in this piece is a bon bon.  It comes perfect as is and only requires going through my Lucy Clay pasta machine several times before being fully conditioned.

The clay is con·tin·u·ous·ly kneaded and put through my Lucy Clay pasta machine until the perfect color is achieved. Once the clay is fully conditioned, a sheet of sandpaper is placed over the slab and gently pressed on with a roller pin to achieve the grainy overlay texture.  The winding strings of color are a product of the extruder.  Each strand is carefully laid over a flattened slab of clay  to produce its abstract design. After adding the design, the flattened slab is hand-shaped into a skirt-like figureCircle pieces are then cut from the base of each color, rolled into circular beads, textured and then carefully pierced with a needle.

Every piece is then baked, sanded, assembled, photographed and packaged by me.  To learn more about the making of each product, please visit my instagram page: @virauful.